50 Latest Casual Denim Fashion Styles For The Ladies; Street Styles; Ripped Jeans

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“I want to be in and so what should I wear?” Thinking of what’s new for this year? — Well, you headed in the right place and reading the right article now. Here you will learn the latest fashion trends that you shouldn’t be missing for this season. Among the latest fashion trends for spring 2012, is the making of prints. The focus for this year is more likely on bold and bright tribal prints. Animal prints are a good example of it, and among the animal print, the most popular are the zebra and leopard prints. A woman who is wearing an animal print will surely look sexy and confident. Just make sure to keep it simple when wearing this kind of style. Never wear animal prints from head to toe or else you may only catch a wrong attention from the crowd. Another great fashion trends for this summer is color- blocking. If you are a bit adventurous and loves to be thrill, then color- blocking is a must- try for you this summer. Colors like emerald, sapphire blue and eggplant are some of the best colors for color blocking. The good thing about this fashion trends, is that you can wear a mix and combination of colors which you wouldn’t usually put together, although it is still best to stay with not more than three colors. Orange, which is the color of the year, is also considered as a hot fashion trends for this spring season. You can find this brave and beautiful color in some of your fashion accessories like shoes, tops, dresses, belts, scarves or bags. Oranges comes in a wide range of shades and among the popular are the tangerine, blood orange and coral. Select an orange that can flatters your skin tone and eye color. You may also love metallic shades as they are very stunning color this season. Metallic are both glamorous and eye- catching. You may choose from a variety of colors such as gold, silver, bronze. The trick is to make this trend work is paired with earthy colors such as beige, sandstone, tan and brown metallic. But of course, it would still depend on your skin tone. Be careful not to overdo it though, keep the sparkle to one item, for instance, only on your top, dress or accessory and keep a natural makeup.  Feminine, very versatile, and stylish- these are the ruffles and pleats and are considered as one of the latest fashion trends for this year. This type of tops and dresses are ideal outwear when going out for a date. It is best paired with delicate accessories like a long pendant, a bracelet and an envelope clutch. Choose ruffles and pleats in gentle color such as watermelon pink, geranium, is powder blue and pale yellow as they are known to be popular this year. Go and update your wardrobe now! Now that you know the latest fashion trends, make sure to have the fashionable look for this season.

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