How-to reset Check engine light – Clear codes with smartphone app + OBD2 Bluetooth adapter

Whether you are buying a used car or already own one, at one point in time, you can experience a Check Engine Light (CEL) or Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL). When that happens, the first thing you do should not be to take it to the dealership or a mechanic or clear the codes! We are hearing more and more of auto shops that rip everyday consumers off by performing unnecessary repairs or even not performing the service that you paid for. Learn how to scan these check engine codes and know what they are. You might be able to repair yourself or at least understand the problem before you head to a repair shop. A CBC Marketplace documentary also revealed that dealerships are upselling repairs, services and performing unnecessary repairs/services too (check at the end of this description for a link to that video).

When you get a CEL/MIL/DTC/SES, first thing is to Scan your car for the fault codes by using an inexpensive and easy to buy OBD2 Bluetooth adapter and Android App. DIY right? Then diagnose the issue based on the code(s) read/scanned from your vehicles On-Board Diagnostic port. There’s lots of info online and I will point you to the best sites to use in the video. Or you can choose to ask a reputable mechanic as the power is in your hands now. You can even use the tool combo to check if some of your vehicle sensors are within spec.

This inexpensive Must-have OBD Scanner tool can also be used for other purposes:
– check if your car or if a used car you are buying has any pending or existing fault codes
– clear/reset/erase all Check Engine, Malfunction Indicator, Service Engine Soon lights/codes and any pending DTCs
– calculate estimated HP/Torque
– graph sensor values
– check Emissions check status
– track and log your car around a course
– use as a HUD (Heads up display)

Watch this video to find out more about what adapter and App you need and also find out more in general about what this tool can do and where to look for more information on your cars DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) that you scan. So DIY now!


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